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We tend to tell ourselves that this cannot happen to me, my spouse, and my children - it only happens to other people
The truth is it can happen to anyone.
A child disappears in America every 45 seconds.
More than 1800 people are reported missing to the FBI every day.
Many of these are abductions by family members,
and most of those children are eventually found.
Time is of the essence after a kidnapping or abduction.
The first few hours are crucial for the victim. Kidnappers
work fast to molest, rape and murder their victims, or sell
them into a life of sex slavery and misery.
Rescuers must work even faster to be effective.
The FBI has more than 85,000 currently active missing people files
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Who goes missing ?
If you look at the pictures of Missing People, you will notice that men, women, and children of all ages are 
.... every 45 seconds
What happens after an abduction ?
This depends on the motives of the criminals. There are different kinds of
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We are a community of people who are concerned about the high incidence of kidnappings and
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